Helical Piles Installation

Helical piles, also known as screw piles, screw cylinders or helical foundation, were originally used for bridges, piers and lighthouses.  They are now used to support anything from small residential applications like fence posts or deck footings but are also used commercially for solar panel farms or solar fields as well as bridges.

Below is a list comparing helical piles to conventional concrete foundations:

Helical Piles

  • faster to install decks or other structures
  • no wait time for concrete to set
  • less labour intensive
  • no excavation
  • no concrete
  • can be installed in high ground water
  • clean
  • no waiting for foundation inspections
  • no frost damage or heaving
  • not affected by weather
  • thermally insulated to prevent damage from ice

Concrete foundations

  • More labour to install
  • Slow curing time
  • Need a foundation inspection
  • Need to mix concrete for small jobs or wait for concrete truck for larger jobs
  • frost damage and heaving
  • Difficult to install in water
  • Waiting a day or more for concrete to set
  • Landscaping excavation required

Helical piles can be installed anywhere; on ground, rock or water.

Helical piles can support decks, signs, solar panels, house foundations, fences, docks, mobile homes and so much more!

They are installed using excavation equipment which drills the helical piles into the ground using precise measurements.

We can install approximately 40 piles per day so they are very quick to install.

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