Landscaping Renovation Location:

Sawlog Point Road, Tiny Beaches

Reason for Landscaping Renovation:

Property had become overgrown with weeds and brush, needed some TLC.

Whole property landscaping

Northern Shores Landscaping used an excavator to dig down 6″ on the property to remove the weeds and roots. Installed filter cloth under all gardens/soil to prevent weeds growing through the soil. Covered area in soil and mulch. Replaced perennials, tidied up all gardens and placed stone/gravel down for walkways through the gardens.

mulched gardens
mulch perennial bed
front of house
mulch in gardens
rock garden
landscaped garden
filter cloth

Mulched gardens and walkways

As you can see above, the property was completely landscaped to display lovely gardens and walkways. Rocks were placed around trees. The images below show the way the property looked before the landscaping project began.

Project was completed in September, 2018.

weed overgrowth
weed overgrowth
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