Landscaping Renovation Location:

Meaford, Georgian Bay

Reason for Landscaping Renovation:

Property sloped towards the house,  water would pool in the yard and around the house every time it rained.

Built a Retaining Wall all around the property

Northern Shores Landscaping built a retaining wall with armour stone all around the property including around the house. A concrete pathway was installed around the house. Retaining wall prevented water from flooding the yard.

Project 2 retaining wall
Yard with sod
Concrete path around to deck
mulch around house
Project 2 concrete pathway
new lawn

Backfilled and graded the yard, raised it 2 ft

The property sloped from the backyard towards the front, with the lowest point being around the house. After a heavy rainfall, rainwater would pool around the property and house. Heavy winds across Georgian Bay and rising levels of the lake water added to this problem. The property retained the moisture, as there was nowhere for it to go.

Northern Shores Landscaping placed armour stone around the property and house.  We brought in loads of topsoil, backfilled and graded the whole property, levelling the yard to the top of the armour stone. We also created swales (low areas/depressions in the land) to manage water runoff. We raised the property height about 2 feet.

As seen in the photos above, we installed a beautiful concrete pathway around the house, beside the armour stone wall. We installed a gravel driveway, including a turnaround spot.  We laid the sod across the whole property. Put mulch around the house. The final result was a beautiful level property that would drain water away therefore protecting the house from water damage.

Project completed in October, 2020.

finished yard
lawn fully sodded
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