Landscaping Renovation Location:

Farlain Lake Road, Tiny Beaches

Reason for Landscaping Renovation:

Owner wanted landscaping done along the entryway to property.

Built small garden channels along driveway

Northern Shores Landscaping designed 2 channels along the side of the driveway, we used the excavator to dig out the ground cover, placed black filter cloth and then placed stones all along the edge of the driveway. We planted hostas in the garden channels. We also created perennial gardens around the house and placed stones around the tree close to the house walkway.

rocks along driveway
rock channels along drive
rock garden
mulch in gardens
rocks around trees

Mulched gardens

The rock garden channels along the side of the driveway really enhance the beauty of the front yard. We also tidied up the gardens in the front of the house by filling them with mulch. Rocks were placed around trees.

Project was completed in August, 2018.

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