Landscaping Renovation Location:

Tiny Beaches Road South, Tiny Beaches, ON Georgian Bay

Reason for Landscaping Renovation:

Waves along shoreline destroyed the deck, patio would drain water onto the decking as well which compounded the issue with the deck rot.  Patio stones had broken in places and heaved. Needed repairing.

Tore down old deck, added stones at property edge

Northern Shores Landscaping removed the old deck and placed new stones along the property edge. Watch our rejuvenation project in progress below.

shoreline before job
shoreline before reno
ruined shoreline wall

Step one was removing the old deck and tidying up in front of the deck. We brought in loads of sand to place between the rocks and the edge of the patio stone wall. We fixed the stone wall and removed the Unilock patio to grade and level the area. Then we replaced the Unilock patio stones.

fixing foundation
new foundation wall
new patio

25 Sono tubes were installed for the footings of the new 55′ long and 30′ wide deck. We installed blue skin along the foundation wall to prevent any wash out of the fitting stone, plus a filter cloth to prevent weed growth. We installed engineered planks for the decking.

The only access we had to the deck was a 5′ wide walkway through garden beds. No other access was possible.

sono tubes
sono tubes
building deck
building deck

Once the deck was complete, we installed a glass railing along the full length of the deck to allow beautiful views out over Georgian Bay. Stones were placed along the walkway.

New fences were built along the property line.

Project was completed in September, 2019.

new deck opening for stairs
deck and patio
new patio and deck
stairs to shoreline
new deck & glass
stone walkway new fence
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