Landscaping Renovation Location:

Orillia, ON, Lake Simcoe

Reason for Landscaping Renovation:

Water washed all unilock walkways out, pillars fell apart.

Rebuilt all Unilock walkways, levelled yard

Northern Shores Landscaping was hired to rebuild all unilock walkways that had washed away/heaved and cracked around a house that was only 2 – 3 years old. Yard needed to be levelled to and drains installed in the walkways and lawn to wash the rainwater away from the home.

unilock pathway with flowerbeds
P6 unilock walkway 4
P6 unilock walkway 7
P6 unilock walkway 2
P6 unilock walkway 5
P6 unilock walkway 8
P6 unilock walkway with drain
P6 unilock walkway 6
unilock firepit

Reinstalled Unilock Walkways

The homeowner contacted us to fix the walkways around the house that had moved/heaved after only a few years. We lifted up all of the unilock stone and dug down 6″ to put in a new foundation of stone.  We replaced all of the Unilock walkways and driveway. All of the grading on the property had to be changed/levelled. We installed a drain with a catch basin 4′ deep taking water away from the house. The land was elevated to allow the water to pass through into a swale and out the drain.

We installed rocks along the property’s edge, installed new retaining walls, rocks, built new steps coming up to the deck. Planted plants in the flowerbeds.

The new walkways should last a long time now that the rain water can safely wash away from the property rather than saturate the grounds around the house.

Project was completed September, 2019.

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