Landscaping Renovation Location:

Robin’s Point Road, Victoria Harbour

Reason for Landscaping Renovation:

Water along shoreline would flood the yard up to the houses and occasionally flood the basement. Yards had deep slope towards the shoreline.

Built a Retaining Wall along Shoreline

Northern Shores Landscaping was hired by 3 neighbouring property owners to build a retaining wall to prevent water from flooding their yards. We raised the yard 16″.

Project 1 shoreline reno backhoe
Project 1 digging with excavator
Raking out yard

Backfilled and graded the yard, raised it 2 ft

The backyard was sloped towards the waters edge, making it possible for water to flood the yard in spring or during storms.  We installed a 4 ft retaining wall around the property and raised the yard by 2 ft, bringing in loads of topsoil and backfilling and grading the whole yard. Blocks were placed around the house to prevent water seeping into the basement and a sump pump was installed. We levelled the yard, filled stones around the trees (rather than soil) to prevent them from dying.  We added rocks around the gardens and mulch and laid the sod. Stone was installed and ready to set up a fire pit.

The overall result was a beautiful, level, manicured backyard, perfect for relaxing and a great game of Bocce ball!

Project completed in September, 2020.

“If I ever need further landscaping work done I will give Stanley a call, his work was excellent!” – Gary

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